One Sentence Stories

Very short short-shorts, I discovered, can be loaded with meaning and emotion. Here are some that I wrote in class:

Sitting Alone in a Throw Blanket on the Sofa
I watch reruns of Will and Grace while eating a microwave dinner on a Saturday night because my boyfriend dumped me. I fork at the soggy peas and reflect on how many calories this pseudo-Indian tofu paneer has. Maybe I should go on a diet.

Waiting at a T-stop
The subway cars screech as they turn the corner to where I am. I hope that I don’t go hard of hearing early in life. I’m only thirty.

Natural Pillow
“I have a fat stomach.” She exclaimed. “So don’t tickle me.”
“I like your stomach.” He replied with a smile. “I like laying my head on it. It’s soft, comfortable, and has in-built temperature control.”

Five calories in black coffee equals five minutes of kissing equals ten hugs. I wonder how much we burn in a lifetime in kisses and hugs.

I was never great at playing that card game. I was never good at lying, especially to you. So maybe that’s how you found out. Or did you always know?


About Me

Escapist, nerd, fantasy/sci-fi fan. Academically inclined. Writer in training. Also, Writing, Publishing, and Literature undergraduate at Emerson College.



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